Private Teaching

If you're interested in private teaching in web development / software engineering, send me an email at and let's chat! As part of my private teaching service, I will design a curriculum that is custom to you so that you can become a software engineer or build that project you have in mind.


  • "I really enjoyed your class! I appreciated the energy and passion you brought to each lecture. I liked that you were very thorough and that I was able to walk away with a better knowledge of React."
  • "I feel the class is very relevant to the working world. I could expect to use this in my future workplace. Each lecture is very relevant, and there's always something new I can learn which I know I will use. Very practical and good class to take."
  • "The most valuable aspect of this course was developing my React skills and learning practical applications of it that are valuable in the workforce."
  • "We were able to learn a lot of new material during the semester that I felt would be useful in the future. The instructor was also super nice and flexible to any suggestions. I also liked the midterm format."
  • "David Tang is a phenomenal teacher. He is also teaching some of the most practical knowledge non–CS majors can hope to feasibly learn about the industry!"
  • "I really learned a lot, thank you so much for explaining so clearly and walking us through all these different frontend techniques. I look forward to apply what I learned in class in projects in the future."
  • "Thank you so much for a great semester!!! I am so glad I took this class. I was a little nervous in the beginning of the semester because "advanced back-end" seemed intimidating, but the way the class was organized and taught made it easy to follow along and I had all the resources I needed."
  • "Thank you for the amazing semester! Happy to graduate with a banger of a class!"
  • "Thanks for teaching the class, I believe I’ve picked up more tools I can add to my developer tool belt, and putting the final project together made me aware of just how much I learned from the class. I also appreciate your teaching style, and taking the time out to answer questions I had."
  • "Thanks for a great semester! I really enjoyed the class and have learned to love Laravel. Wish I could have taken your front-end class last fall."
  • "This has been one of my favorite classes at USC. All of the lessons were delivered excellently and are all very practical, which is great for someone going into a software development field."
  • "This class is super awesome and much more relevant towards Software Engineering work than the traditional CS class is. I enjoyed that every time we learned something new, we got to build a project around the newly developed skills."