How to Learn Angular.js

Last reviewed on February 1, 2015

I get asked pretty frequently, "What is the best way to learn Angular.js?". Here is a path of resources in order of what I think is a good way to learn Angular.

  1. CodeSchool - Shaping up with Angular.js - Free
  2. AngularJS Fundamenals in 60-ish Minutes - Free
  3. Go build something. Take a simple JSONP API, like the iTunes Search API and create a music search application. Allow the user to favorite artists and track. Create song detail pages using angular's router.
  4. PluralSight - Angular Best Practices
  5. Refactor the project you built to incorporate some of the best practices. Some things you might want to do include:
    • Create directives with isolate scope.
    • Move all $http calls from controllers to their own services
    • Implement a simple in-memory caching solution into your data service layer.
  6. PluralSight - AngularJS Patterns: Clean Code

Other Useful Resources

Staying up on Angular